November 26, 2012

A very DIY Christmas

Christmas can be EXPENSIVE.  We work really hard in my house to “DIY” many Christmas gifts and decorations so we don’t blow our budget during this time of the year.  Not only does it make our bank account happier, but it is a lot of fun to make your own decorations and gifts!

I am working on Christmas projects for this season as we “speak”, but they’re just not ready to post yet!  Here’s some DIY Christmas ideas from last year to help get you started in 2012!


Use greenery swag instead of a traditional wreath:

You can top it with a DIY doily ornament like I did (thrifty tutorial here)

At this time last year, I was pulling my hair out working on making 25 of these centerpieces for a ladies’ Advent breakfast – you could just make one and enjoy it a lot more Smile


At least I got to use the painted branches for my natural & white Christmas vignette

I had fun fancying up some Dollar Store stockings last year:

And if your kids are looking for something to do over Christmas break – these kid-friendly snowmen are always a huge hit!


If you’re trying to figure out what to make or buy – here’s what I made & gave for Christmas last year:

Once you buy your gifts, make them look good without breaking the bank with this Thrifty Christmas Packaging:

Are you making an effort to make decorations and gifts yourself this year?  Have you started yet?

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