November 9, 2012

GP: Songbirds and Buttons

When I read this post from Kendall, it definitely made me cry.  She is the sweetest, and we “go way back” in blogging years.  It’s been SO much fun to watch her grow as a blogger, and just watch her transformation as a woman through her blog.  She shares beautiful insights into life as a new mom, and you need to know that she is a genuinely sweet girl, who loves with all of her heart!

Hey there!
First, let me take this chance to thank Christina for having me.
If I could describe her in one word — it would have to be “awesome“.
We’ve “known” each other for awhile – a few years actually and it’s been such a pleasure.

Before my son was born – when my hubby and I were fighting with infertility – she was always there to offer a kind word of support. And when you are going through something that difficult – a kind word can make all the difference. I remember posting on my blog that I was pregnant – and she was one of the first ones to comment. Shortly after I actually won a giveaway on her blog – and in the package she included a small duck robe for my son.

I know that with blogging it is sometimes difficult to really “see” the person behind the blog. But let me be the first to tell you that this girl, Christina – is all sugar (no spice) and everything nice.

She has warmed my heart on so many different occasions.
She is good.
A genuinely good person.
And those are very hard to find these days.

Okay – now that I’m all teared up – let’s get  on to the good stuff (just kidding Christina).
I’m Kendall – and I blog over at Songbirds & Buttons.
This is me and my adorable son Wyatt:
This is my amazing hubby & our adorable son Wyatt:
This is a photo of us from Halloween this year:
And here is our adorable son Wyatt again:
(just for good measure)

Can you tell what I blog about?
Yep. You can probably guess I am a very proud momma.
I love my little family so much.
I love making every day count.
Because it’s important to remember all of the little things that make this life wonderful.

So if you’d like to come on by and introduce yourself – I’d love to “meet” you!
Just click here, and come on over.

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