February 5, 2014

Open Shelving Pantry

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We re-did our entire kitchen for under $3500 – see all of the amazing before & after pictures here!

I am beyond excited to share my open shelving pantry with you – because it means our kitchen is finally being put back together!  We have been working on this kitchen remodel since November, and I am dying for it to be over!  I cannot wait to share the full kitchen reveal once it’s finished!  In the meantime, I share all of my updates on Instagram (follow my feed and then look at #christinaskitchenremodel for all of my previous pictures of the project)

Let me first tell you that our pantry started out in a coat closet (in a room adjacent to our kitchen).  It worked for a few months, but it was far from pretty.  Then I moved my refrigerator to that coat closet (another post for another time) and decided to make my pantry beautiful.  I wanted it to not only be functional, but serve to add personality and style to our small kitchen.

Open Shelving Pantry

We definitely did not have a big budget for this pantry – so it took some time and creative thinking. 

The pantry consists of two big elements: the shelving and the contents.

Let’s start with the shelving:

I wanted to keep the shelves streamlined and simple.  I originally found my inspiration in Holly’s kitchen makeover, and decided I wanted shelves like these.  I bought pine boards from Home Depot and had them cut the boards down to size.  I then took them home and stained them with my new favorite stain:

winter 2013-2014 001

(affiliate link)


It’s called “weathered oak” and it has a very Restoration Hardware-ish feel.  I then finished them with finishing wax instead of polyurethane. 

Next came the time to choose brackets.  Ugh.  This was so hard for me!  Did you know that brackets tend to be very expensive??  I had no idea!  After much deliberation and frustration, I ended up getting these brackets from IKEA.  I am so glad I made this choice – I love the clean lines, and since they were $6 a piece, it was a really reasonable purchase.  Plus, I got to take Isaac to IKEA for the first time, and an excuse to eat swedish meatballs is always fun!


We measured the appropriate heights for the shelves, and attached them to the walls.  We used molly bolts where we just went into the drywall, and wood screws where we hit studs.



Now that the shelves were in place, it was time to figure out how I was going to organize/style them!

I spent almost two months picking out reasonably priced glass containers at all different stores.  I found the best deals at IKEA, Zulily & Ross. 

The one in the middle is part of a set from IKEA, the jar on the left is from Ross, and the container is part of a set from Zulily:

:ikea glass storage

These are from Ross:

ross glass containers

steel cut oats jar

(I wasn’t kidding when I said I eat a LOT of steel cut oats!  Here’s my favorite recipe)


Obviously having a hodge podge of different containers can look sloppy, so it’s nice to have something to tie them together.  I bought these labels on Etsy, and love how they bring everything together:

labels on glass jars

I didn’t label every jar – I just labeled our staple items.  I wanted to flexibility to switch things in and out of some of the unlabeled jars too.

Now, obviously I was not going to put peanut butter and canned goods on display.  Because that’s just ugly.  So I decided it would be a fun twist to use a dresser (handed down to us from a friend) for the things we didn’t want on display, but wanted easy access to.

Wood Open Shelving Pantry


The dresser is perfect for hiding these things:

winter 2013-2014 095

winter 2013-2014 097

I decided to put the “leftovers” of what didn’t fit into the glass containers in the bottom drawer of the dresser.

AND we happen to have shelving space at the top of our (scary) basement stairs (which is directly to the right of the dresser) that I’m using for our cans.  I could’ve easily put them in our drawers too, but this way I have extra space if needed.  It’s not pretty, but it’s functional!

winter 2013-2014 094


Can I just tell you that I am in LOVE with this open pantry??  I couldn’t be happier with it!  Stay tuned for the rest of the kitchen makeover – I’ll give you a hint and let you know that those shelves will make another appearance somewhere else in the kitchen!

wooden open pantry shelving


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  1. pam carmona says:

    LOVE< LOVE< LOVE!!!! It looks fantastic! It is really coming together now. Looks perfect!

  2. Christina I LOVE how that looks! I’ve dreamed of having all that kind of stuff in pretty glass containers all labeled neatly and cute! And I’m excited to follow you on IG. Still finding friends there!

  3. LOVE how these turned out! They are fabulous! Pinning! xo

  4. This is very pretty, I love open shelving!

  5. Your little pantry is just too cute! I love the shelves, and the brackets and the different size jars…I just love it all! Nicely done!

  6. Your shelves look wonderful! I am really digging open shelving right now 🙂 Stopping by from the SITS girls link party!

  7. Oh I love the opening shelving! We’re going to be doing some updates in our kitchen and I’m wondering about adding some open shelving. I absolutely love how yours came out! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. These look Amazing…so clean and organized. Thanks for sharing and cannot wait to see the rest of the kitchen remodel.

  9. Love the open shelves!!!!
    Very pretty!

  10. Thank you for posting this! Just this weekend I was looking for simple white brackets like this to hang under what was supposed to be a floating shelf that I built but never felt comfortable hanging over the tv (what if it falls?!?). The smaller size of these should work well, are super cheap ($4 each) and we will happen to be right by an Ikea this weekend. Perfect!

  11. Mallory says:

    Love this project, and the color of those shelves! How many coats of the stain did you put on the shelves to get that color?

  12. This is a very cute idea. I struggle with finding storage for all my soapmaking supplies and I think this concept will work perfectly. Thanks for the idea!


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