May 6, 2014

Our Kitchen: Before & After


I couldn’t be more excited to share our finished kitchen with all of you.  It has taken us 6 months to get to this point – and it’s such a relief to finally call it DONE.

When we first looked at this house,  I thought we wouldn’t buy it because of the kitchen.  It was so small, so brown, and so ugly.  Our goal was to open up the tiny space, brighten it up, and maximize every inch of the small amount of square footage.  Oh yeah – and do as much as we could by ourselves.  With a very small budget.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking in this post – this post has every detail about the space explained (including the questions about where the refrigerator is!!).  But I couldn’t wait another minute to share my new favorite room of the house!

DIY Farmhouse Kitchen


kitchen table with IKEA light

Planked wall and open shelving kitchen

Open Shelving Kitchen

Open Shelving Pantry



open shelving hanging mugs


open shelving spice rack


tulips in the kitchen window

wooden open pantry shelving

Wooden Open Shelving on Planked Wall


We also built a radiator cover:

radiator cover before and after


Just so you can fully appreciate the transformation:

Craftsman Kitchen Before & After

Craftsman Kitchen Before and After



I’ve documented our progress along the way – thank you for following our remodel and encouraging me along the way!

Planning our kitchen remodel

Kitchen Remodel: Demolition

Update: Floors, Cabinets & Countertops

Update: Backsplash & Planked Wall

Open Shelving Pantry

Our Kitchen: All the details & the final cost


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I’ve loved sharing all of the messy details of this transformation on my Instagram – look at #ChristinasKitchenRemodel to see how far we’ve come!


Have you ever attempted a kitchen remodel?  Did you do it yourselves?  What do you think about how far our kitchen has come?

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  1. Christina! You’ve really out done yourself! I’m so impressed. It looks incredible!

  2. Gorgeous!!! Love what you did with the kitchen. I bet you love spending time in there, now!

  3. We actually just remodeled out kitchen. We purchased a repo in Novembet and the kitchen was HORRIBLE! We couldn’t even use it. Obviously that was out
    First project. We were so happy when it was done.

  4. This is an incredible makeover. Love everything!

  5. I love your kitchen. It’s timeless and has a simple, lovely aesthetic. I will be savoring every detail. Well done!

    • Thanks so so much, Leila!! That’s exactly what I was hoping to accomplish – didn’t want it to look too “2014”, but definitely wanted to update it. Thanks for commenting!!

  6. This looks AMAZING! Love every single detail! Beautiful!

  7. It’s genius!!!

  8. Wow! This is simply stunning! I can’t believe what HUGE transformation this is for little money!!! You go girl!!! :)
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  9. oh wow…this is an amazing transformation! found you by way of Pinterest…just stunning!

  10. What an amazing makeover! Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful, so cozy and full of character! Looks fantastic!

    • Thanks, Maria!! I love how the rest of our home has so much character – and wanted to keep the kitchen cohesive :) Thanks for stopping by & commenting!!

  11. Love me a white kitchen! We renovated ours last fall but had to replace the cabinetry because it was in such bad shape. You have an eye! Great work, great price.

  12. Gorgeous! But where is the fridge?

  13. Kristin says:

    Oh my God, thank you for posting this! We just purchased a similar craftsman home with a kitchen that is equally as brown and ugly. I think we may even have the exact same sad stained glass lamp! The only difference is that our previous homeowners, with 0 knowledge of construction or carpentry, decided to “build and install” their own cabinets. This post gives me hope for the future of our kitchen! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    • You’re so cute, Kristin!! I am so glad you commented – don’t be afraid haha!! IT CAN BE DONE!! It’ll take a lot of hard work & elbow grease, but it’s not impossible, I promise :)

  14. Just beautiful. Has inspired me to rethinking doing some work in my kitchen rather than waiting until I can pay someone.

    • I love hearing that, Caroline!! I’m a huge advocate for doing it yourself instead of hiring someone if at all possible…not only does it save money, but you get such a sense of pride for being able to do it yourself!! :)

  15. Wow! This is gorgeous! What a difference! We are hoping to tackle a kitchen remodel in the next year ourselves. Great job!!!

  16. Kristin says:

    This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. On a side note…where did you get the white canisters on your counter? I love them!

  17. My jaw is on the floor. Simply amazing! I’m really impressed. Ann Marie posted a link on Facebook and I’m so glad she did! Awesome job!

  18. You’ve packed so much charm into this kitchen! I love, love, love the butcherblock counters and subway tile, with open shelving and vintage pieces. Just pinned! Would love for you to share at Fridays Unfolded this week!


  19. GIRL! This is insane. What a beautiful transformation. I am absolutely in love with every single detail. I would lvoe if you could find time to stop by my linky tomorrow morning to share.

  20. Your kitchen is lovely and quite a dramatic makeover. Love how light and airy it is now. Just goes to show what a tight budget and lots of effort can accomplish. I found my way over from The Shabby Nest and I’m going to take a peek around.

  21. Christine W says:

    Beautiful redo with big impact on such a small budget. Very inspiring! Can I ask what colour paint is that to the right of the kitchen window (light warm grey) or is it just the same white in the shade? Thnx, Christine

  22. Y’all did a great job. Love your style and the attention to detail.

  23. It turns out into a beautiful renovation of yours, this is beautiful your kitchen looks more organize. Thank you for sharing this one it is a good inspiration.

  24. Hi there! You and your husband have done such a lovely job with this kitchen–kudos to you both! I am wondering–could you share the dimensions of your kitchen? I also have a small kitchen that I would love to redo, and I am curious how comparable in size our spaces are. Thanks!

  25. This looks great!!! I found you via Google search for “open shelving.” We are also redoing our kitchen on a tight budget and planning to use a lot of open shelves in lieu of pricier and bulkier upper cabinets. We’ll be referring back to your design solutions for sure. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Thanks, Shannon!! That’s awesome – I’d love to see a picture of your kitchen when it’s finished!! So glad you could use my kitchen for inspiration :) Check out our latest kitchen renovation – we did open shelving again and we’re in love all over again! :)

  26. Hiya. Great job! I’m just wondering if you could tell me where your fridge is? We want to knock a wall out but won’t have space for the fridge. Just wondering where yours fits in? Thanks!

  27. Hi Christina! Your post is exactly what I needed to envision our next steps for our own kitchen remodel. Thank you. Im curious about the dimensions of your dining area. Would you mind sharing?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Gretchen! So sorry – we’re no longer in this house so I can’t measure the dining area for you :( I wish I could help!! Best of luck with your kitchen remodel!


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