Spray paint your – shoes?


Well I think this post might finally prove my addiction for spray paint, as well as quick & cheap make-overs!  Here’s what happened in about 30 minutes this weekend: How FUN is that?! I’ve had these flats around for a few years now…got them for under $10, and they used to be cute. But I’ve […]

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My FIRST InstaFriday

BIG news in my world.  I mean – HUGE! No, I’m not pregnant.  Geez!! My hubby and I bought an iPAD!! Some of you may have already seen this on my Facebook page…we got it a few days ago and have had SO much fun with it already! We’ve been living on such a tight […]

Tuesday Ten #2

1.  I’ve been wearing one of these the past 10 days…and yesterday was my last full day of having to wear it!! 2.  Of course, my body can’t be healed…I was sauteing veggie burgers last night, and got hot oil on my hand…here’s the blister the next day: 3.  Buckley made a new friend…the genie from Aladdin.  He […]

Tuesday Ten

I am attempting to do a “Tuesday Ten” from Stephanie at Under The Table and Dreaming…here we go! 1.  My foot.  Sorry to keep harping on this, but it’s really driving me nuts. 2.  It finally RAINED yesterday!!  I think all of the grass/plants/me started dancing around!! 3.  Went to Salvation Army today to look […]

Organizing my cabinets

I’ll give you a peek at what happens behind closed doors in my bathroom… Ahhhh!  I know, I know…it’s bad.  BUT, it doesn’t look like that anymore!  Here’s how it looks now: I got all of the baskets at the Dollar Tree.  I organized it by product type…and put some cute bunting made out of […]