Healthy Eating Shortcuts {using frozen foods}

Greek Frozen Yogurt Dessert

This post brought to you by American Frozen Foods Institute and the Frozen Food Roundtable. All opinions are 100% mine. Now that my little guy is almost one (um – HOW did that happen??) he’s been eating basically anything he can get his hands on.  This has made me so much more aware of what […]

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Simple Organic Baby Food {and a Cuisinart giveaway!}


Thanks to Cuisinart for sponsoring today’s story – like always, my opinions and ideas are 100% my own! This whole “having a baby” thing has been a wild ride so far.  My life revolves around diaper changes, chasing an active baby, reading lots of books, and making LOTS of FOOD.  Anyone who has seen my […]

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5 ways to pull yourself out of the “afternoon slump” {OneBar Giveaway}


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OneBar.   I’ve been sleep deprived before, but I wasn’t prepared for just how little sleep I would get once we had our baby.  We got blessed with an incredible little boy, but a little boy who fights sleep with everything in him.  None […]

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Healthy Chicken Chili Recipe (and a giveaway!)

Chicken Chili Recipe

This post brought to you by McCormick & Company. All opinions are 100% mine. Since we had Isaac, it’s been a little bit more of a challenge to make home made meals every night.  I feel so much better when I eat healthy, but healthy meals can also be more time-consuming.  I’m always looking for […]

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5 minute 5 ingredient Summer Salad Recipe


I want to share this recipe with you today because I must make it at least once a week during the summer.  At LEAST once a week!  It’s a staple in our house during the hot summer months – we use it as a side dish for dinners, but mainly for a refreshing lunch.  My […]

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